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Protect Your Property Interests with a Real Estate Lawyer in Edmonton

Each real estate situation presents unique challenges. Perhaps you plan to sell a house for the first time. Maybe
you hope to close on a condominium purchase and begin a property management business. Or maybe you need
legal help with a commercial property.
Real estate ownership and management has many facets. You
need an ally who understands the language and laws behind
such transactions. Partner with Coley Hennessy Cassis

Our Real Estate Lawyers Can Help

Without a legal representative, the intricacies of buying, selling,
or leasing property can prove difficult to navigate. Sometimes
such transactions even pose financial risk. Coley Hennessy
Cassis Ewasko’s real estate lawyers in Edmonton can assist

Lawyers safeguard your interests as you enter legally-binding
agreements. We stay familiar with the legalese involved in real
estate contracts so we can help you understand transactions
before completing them.

Real estate legal services to buy or sell a home, condo or property

We can help you through the complications that often arise in property transactions. Our lawyers have experience in all
of the following contracts:

Mortgages: If you wish to purchase property through a loan, we work with you to draft a mortgage.
Leases: Should you own a property and wish to rent it to others, we create a lease contract.
Large commercial transactions: If your business is buying, selling, or leasing, we draft legal documents that     
protect your interests.
Other questions: If you have other property questions, we will be happy to assist you.

Don’t leave large financial commitments to chance. Contact our Edmonton real estate lawyers for legal counsel.
Browse our lawyer bios below to get to know our team. When you feel ready to proceed, we will be happy to offer you a
free consultation.

Call (780) 468-2551 today to schedule an appointment.