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Find a Divorce or Family Lawyer in Edmonton

Family life often takes unexpected turns. Sometimes relationships that
began well do not end as amicably you hoped. In such moments, family
lawyers can help minimize damage to your family and your happiness. They
explain your legal rights and help safeguard your interests.

When you have legal questions, call the family lawyers at Edmonton's
Coley Hennessy Cassis Ewasko law offices. We provide various family law
services to accommodate your needs.

Prenuptials and Cohabitation Agreements

In any marriage or common-law relationship, planning ahead provides peace of mind and security. Prenuptials and
cohabitation agreements are two documents that offer this peace of mind. These documents protect partners’ assets and
interests in the event that partners separate.

Before marriage, a couple can create a prenuptial agreement. This document sets forth the financial rights and property
distribution for each partner in the case of divorce. It might also consider guardianship. Prenuptials sometimes define
grounds for forfeiting assets as well.

Unmarried couples who live together can prepare a cohabitation agreement. This document establishes each partner’s
rights to shared expenses and income. Come to us when you need help preparing these documents.

Legal Advice for Divorce Cases in Edmonton

In the delicate situations surrounding divorce, a lawyer can provide important legal advice. Perhaps you have questions
about spousal support. Or if you have children, you might seek counsel about a child support agreement. You may even
have concerns about the division of property acquired during the relationship.

Whatever your concerns, speaking with one of our Edmonton divorce lawyers may give you the legal direction you need.

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If you have questions about family law, contact Coley Hennessy Cassis Ewasko to arrange a consultation. Our legal
assistants will help you find answers and make you aware of your rights.

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