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Need an Edmonton lawyer to answer questions a bout business and corporate law in Alberta?

Corporate transactions often include complicated legalese and intricate specifications. The documentation Canada requires for such transactions can prove overwhelming without legal advice. If you plan to expand your business or change its corporate status, contact Coley Hennessey Cassis Ewasko.

All the legal services you need to do business in Alberta

In Edmonton, the business lawyers at our firm can help in a variety of corporate
litigation circumstances, including the following:

Incorporations: Declaring a business as separate from its owners has many
benefits. Incorporation allows smoother owner transition. It also safeguards owners’
assets from the company’s liabilities and allows the company to sell stock. We will
help you draft Articles of Incorporation and file registration documents for your

Unanimous Shareholders Agreements: Unanimous Shareholders Agreements
are a collection of legal documents that grant shareholders some flexibility
regarding internal company management. We can help advise you on their
creation, and draft the documents necessary.

Changes in Shareholder Equity: Companies with shareholders periodically
issue a statement of changes in equity. This document comprises net profit or loss
and dividend payments, among other points. Our lawyers can help you through the
legal procedure of creating such statements, especially if you feel unfamiliar with
the process.
Purchase and Sale of Businesses: Whether your company is purchasing a business or selling, our lawyers can
work with you throughout the legal process. We will ensure that you create and file your legal documents in
accordance with Canadian legal requirements.

Business Financing: When it comes to financing a business, you have hundreds of options. Our lawyers can help
you understand your options and decide which loans are in the best interest of your company.

Let our corporate lawyers in Edmonton help your company’s interests remain secure. Call (780) 468-2551 to schedule
a free consultation.

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